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GFG Episode 93: What we did on our Holidays

It’s 2015 and GFG is back! In this bumper edition Mike and Kieran talk through all the games they played over the holidays. We talk DriveClub, Smash Bros, Far Cry 4 as well as a huge amount about boardgames. Oh yeah we cover some news and new releases as well.

GFG Game Of The Year 2014: Day Two

In day two of Glitch Free Gaming’s annual round up of the best of the best we cover best music game, biggest surprise and best soundtrack while arguing about whether P.T is actually a game or not.

GFG Game Of The Year 2014: Day One

t’s that time again, Game of the year! In part one we tackle Most Disappointing game, Best Open World, Best Re-release, Best Racing Game, Best Fighting Game and Best RPG game game

GFG Episode 91: Ruined By Fact Checking

This week the crew are mostly gone, leaving Kieran to hold the fort with special guest Ally. Dragon Age, Massive Chalice, Assassin’s Creed and Crash Bandicoot are the main topics of discussion and an abundance of fact checking. Weirdly, Kieran didn’t fact check which number this podcast is.

GFG Episode 88: World of Glitchcraft

With the release of a certain expansion it was only fitting that Kieran and Mike are joined this week by CalmDownTom’s resident WoW junkie Kevin to go through all the pre-release hype and BlizzCon news. There is also chat about Crimes and Punishment Sherlock Holmes, Sunset Overdrive and Shadow of Mordor as the team recount their gaming week.