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GFG Episode 101: Running about questing in your underwear

As the dust settles on episode 100, Kieran and Mike get back into the swing of things. Mike catches up on some of 2014’s best games (Infamous First Light and Transistor) whilst Kieran tackles some of 2015’s (Hotline Miami 2 and Ori and the Blind Forest) We also wax lyrical about Olli Olli 2 and Counterspy as well as covering this weeks news and new releases. GFG for lyf yo!

GFG Episode 100: How did we manage this?

It’s episode 100 and we decide to have a celebration. We open the mysterious box containing gifts we received from some of our awesome listeners and then proceed to have a slew of guests and we reminisce over the last 3 years of GFG and generally talk nonsense. Please note that in order to keep fun spirit of the recording most of this podcast is presented as it was recorded and may contain awkward silences and uncontrollable laughter.

GFG Episode 99: So it’s going to be like that is it?

Paul returns to the GFG crew this week as we go about our weekly dose of gaming chat. Paul works on his backlog of games including Far Cry 4 and Dragon Age: Inquisition; Kieran talks us through the new Dragon Ball game whilst Mike gets attacked by 2 boardgames: Xcom and Dead of Winter.

GFG Episode 98 – Stop selling me on the idea

This week Mike and Kieran are taking the path less traveled by. Kieran plays multiplayer Dropkick and previews Blazing Griffin’s Distant Star: Revenant Fleet. Mike talks us through the New 3DS XL and the Ace Combat redux. There is also this weeks news and new releases. And a talking giraffe.

GFG Episode 96: Super smash podcast

This week your favorite idiots of the internet go to the burny fire with Gat out of Hell, beat up princesses and pink blobs in Smash Bros and get all indie in Life is Strange. We also cover the weeks news and forthcoming releases.

GFG Episode 95: The Jill Sandwich is off

As we get closer to the elusive episode 100 our dynamic duo remain clueless err.. unphased as they tackle the re-elected version of Saints Row IV. We also discuss more Resident Evil and weigh in with our opinions on the whole Boomerang Rentals saga.

GFG Episode 94: It’s like that one guy who just keeps talking

This week Mike and Kieran are joined by Tom of CalmDownTom while they chat about Destiny’s lack of story, Dragon Age Inquisition’s information overload and the lack of cheesy dialouge in Resident Evil HD. There is even new news and new releases this week – don’t say we don’t spoil you

GFG Episode 93: What we did on our Holidays

It’s 2015 and GFG is back! In this bumper edition Mike and Kieran talk through all the games they played over the holidays. We talk DriveClub, Smash Bros, Far Cry 4 as well as a huge amount about boardgames. Oh yeah we cover some news and new releases as well.