Planetbase Review (PC)

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  1. ryan says:

    “Starch can be turned into Bioplastic and ore can be turned into metal. Then you either use them as building materials for new bits for the colony or use them to make even more complex resources like spares which are used to repair parts of the colony, semiconductors which are used to build robots and even guns. There are others available but I’ll let you figure them out by yourself out I’ll be talking about this all day.”

    Actually, you nailed it. That’s every resource in the game. Once you start producing each of those things, the content ends. Robots perform a couple basic tasks, freeing some people up to do .. nothing else because there isn’t anything else to do.

    Here’s my review: 3 hours of gameplay, maybe less if you figure out a good build order so your people don’t die (almost literally) immediately. And while I’ve only put in three hours, I’m pretty sure there’s only one viable build order. Startopia 2 this is not :/

    Didn’t it occur to anyone while they were making this that there is literally nothing to do? Expanding a colony from seven people to a hundred isn’t exciting when it involves constructing the same five buildings over and over again.

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