Three things you hate about Destiny (are psychological tricks that keep you playing)

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  1. Fuzzle says:

    Was casually moderating and stumbled upon this article. Great read and I agree for the most part. Keep it up!

    “Sure, you’re character levelled up, but one of your guns is 4/5’s of the way there too” You might want to fix that sentence.

  2. Tom Welsh says:

    Thank you.

    And cheers for the proof read 🙂

  3. Alan says:

    Fantastic article. But I personally saw through the addiction techniques from the start to see Destiny for the shallow hollow farce that it is! You’re certainly right about the perfect shooting mechanics but that’s ALL it has going for it. For me that’s not enough. For others it is and fair play to them I’m not going to say they’re wrong. But goddamn I hate Destiny!

    – guy who got at at lvl 12

    • M says:

      Agreed on every point. I found this game a boring chore with too many bits of dressing aimed only at forming an addiction. The gun-play is not SO good that it’s worth putting up with all the other parts of the vapid and uninspired design. I hate this game so much and so thoroughly that I’m entirely indifferent to it. I wish anyone addicted to it all the clarity in the world. Take a week off from completing dailies. You won’t miss the game afterward…. and you’ll thank me.

  4. Milanistaforever says:

    You forgot to mention the feeling you get when you see a Gally drop for someone else… Right in front of you… While you have 1000 hours of play, 3 maxed characters, and all the exotics except the gally.

  5. Milanistaforever says:

    This feeling would just drive you to play 10 times more as you literally SAW it drop. Therefore, you will think that it is now your turn to get it.

  6. andy says:

    What’s a Destiny? Oh, that game that never interested me for even a second since its announcement on 19th Feb 2013. I can say the same for Evolve, Watch Dogs, The Division, any Battlefield game and of course the newest Star Wars Battlefront. Not everybody gets over excited about every game at its reveal and all the way up to launch and beyond. ESPECIALLY when they are all guaranteed let downs.

  7. Kovitlac says:


    “What’s a Destiny? Oh, that game that never interested me for even a second since its announcement on 19th Feb 2013.”

    Then…why the hell are you here, commenting on an article about DESTINY? I don’t get the constant need that some people have to bash Destiny, especially when they admit to never having even played it, ever.

    I never played Bloodborne, nor do I particularly care to. You don’t see me patrolling articles written about it, pointing out how elite I am for not getting sucked in.

    • M says:

      It’s an easy game to dislike. Its marketing push made sure of that. I thought they billed it as one thing and delivered another. I was very excited for this game because of its pedigree and marketing. When I fired it up on day one and started playing, I realized it was something very different from what I expected and I didn’t like it. Then I had a friend with an addiction problem latch on to this game. Over 1000 hours and a divorce later, he told me he was finally done. Then he emailed me again last week and asked me if I would play it with him now that they are making a bunch of changes. I told him I would mercy kill him before that happened.

  8. torch29 says:

    I loved the article. I think it addresses the bigger issue of the direction all gaming is going. The pay to play and dictating where and when you play the game is an affront to what gaming experience was meant to be. It’s become all about greed. As an old gamer it makes me sad. I long for the days when all a guy needed was a free weekend and the latest episode of Nintendo power to play a game and to be able to put it down with a smile instead of a rage quit.

  9. TGODDynasty says:

    Luckily for me I’ve gotten over FoMo and haven’t played the game for 5 months.

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