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Prosperous Universe – Simulogics Interview

First things first, tell us a bit about yourself! Who is Martin Simons? Who are simulogics? And what have you been working on until now? Well, I’m a self-taught developer who stumbled into creating a web-based airline business simulation game all the way back in 2002. This game – aptly named AirlineSim – turned out to be the foundation that simulogics as a company was built on several years later. Since then we’ve been mostly working on AirlineSim and freelance web-dev contracts, but we started working on our second persistent browser-based game Prosperous Universe in late 2015, which launched into...

Sons of the Forest Trailer

Endnight games, developers of the horror/survival game the Forest, are back with a sequel. Check out the first trailer for Sons of the Forrest.

Xbox Series X

Welcome the Xbox Series X. Yes, that shortens to Xbox SeX. Microsoft unveiled the name, and the consoles design, at The Game Awards.

PlayStation State of Play

Sony released their State of Play Live broadcast. It may have been on for less than half an hour, but they packed a bunch of details and teasers into it.

The Surge 2 Review (PC)

The Surge 2 is the first game in years that has made me think, I can’t get enough! Sure it has it’s flaws, but it still has you coming back for more.

Exception Review (PC)

Exception has genuinely fun and engaging level design. However, it is a frustration that it fails to keep the player engaged through the story.