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Like all Clichés, Glitch Free Gaming started on a dark and stormy night. Three over opinionated friends decided that the rest of the gaming world was wrong and they decided to tell them why! The first episode of Glitch Free Gaming went live June 2012 and ever since then the internet has been subjected to Paul’s hatred of all things Nintendo, Kieran’s love of obscure games and Mike’s daft Kermit-like introductions.

The Website
Since then we joined up with CalmDownTom, podcasting and reviewing our little hearts out (we even got nominated for a GMA in 2014 and 2015 for Best Podcast!) In early 2015, CalmDownTom took a hiatus which led to us creating what you are reading right now. Not only do we have a shiny new home for our Podcast archive, we also have some of our friends trying some cool new ideas. We can’t exactly say what you’ll find here and that’s the point– this is the place for all things gaming.

The only thing we can tell you for certain is that GFG is a supporter of Wheaton’s Law – so have a look around, leave some comments, but don’t be a dick. It’s not a cool thing.

The Podcast
We thought this would be a good place to try and describe ourselves to people new to the show, but we came up with nothing. The Amazing Tom Welsh though came up with these Wikipedia style entries:


Mike O'Raw

Mike O’Raw



Mike O’Raw is often the host of the podcast. He’s the one who talks at the start, and is at least one third of the three people who make up GlitchFreeGaming. Mike’s boardgame collection is one of the three man-made objects you can see from space. He likes horror, racing games, Dragon Age, repetition and horror.



Kieran Bamford

Kieran Bamford

Kieran Bamford is the second part of the first third of GlitchFreeGaming. His wide knowledge of nerdy pursuits means that in the Olympics of geekery, he would be a decathlete specializing in games, books, movies and –I dunno– seven other things. He has impeccable taste in games except when he doesn’t. He plays a fair amount of obscure Japanese games, all of which are better than Resident Evil 6, which he also keeps playing. Because life is pain.


Paul Russell

Paul Russell


Paul Russell is the final third of the GlitchFreeGaming team, and is the ying to the others yang or vice versa. He edits the podcast and appears himself when the hosts need someone to come on and not really listen to them. His excellent production and studio skills make up for the fact that he absolutely tunes out the other two and probably won’t even read this, so I can say what I want about him but I won’t say anything bad, because actually he’s pretty cool.

If you want to ask us something or have a game you want us to review you can drop us a line at Enquiries@glitchfreegaming.com

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