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Dark Souls III Screenshots

Bandai Namco UK have just released a host of new Dark Souls III screenshots, including a look at a Pyromancer challenging maggot like enemies, a Mercenary looking down Firelink Shrine and a new look at the High Wall of Lothric.

GOTY 2015 Day 5 – Board Games!

Day 5 of our GOTY podcast, the bonus episode: Board Games! We have categories for “Party Game of the Year”, “Light/Family Game of the Year”, “Micro-game of the Year”, “Best Art”, “Thematic Game of the Year”, “Best Production Values”, “Best Kickstarter”, “Biggest Disappointments”, “Best Expansion” and the top 5 board games of the year.

GOTY 2015 – Day 4 Write up

Day 4 of our GOTY podcast. We cover “Most Improved Game”, “Best New Character”, and make our choice for Game of the Year.

GOTY 2015 Write up – Day 3

Enjoy Day Three of our Game Of The Year awards where we cover “Best Mobile/Tablet Game”, “Best Story”, “Best Moment”, “Best Multiplayer”, “Best Game to Escape Early Access”, “Best Indie”, “Prettiest Game” and the “Oh shit, that came out this year” award.

GOTY 2015 Write up – Day 2

Enjoy Day Two of our Game Of The Year awards. Categories include: “Best Strategy Game”, “Best Soundtrack”, “Biggest Surprise”, “Best Platformer”, “Best Action/Adventure”, “Best Portable” and “Best DLC/Expansion”

GOTY 2015 Write up – Day 1

It’s that time of year again, the time where we “discuss” (argue) about all the games we played this year and try to somewhat arbitrarily list them in ways which can both help people find things they might have missed

Dice City Review

Take me down to that nice Dice City where the caves are mines and the buildings are pretty….