GOTY 2015 Write up – Day 3

It’s that time of year again, the time where we “discuss” (argue) about all the games we played this year and try to somewhat arbitrarily list them in ways which can both help people find things they might have missed…and more often than not to just go “WE REALLY LIKED THIS GAME, LOOK AT IT.”

We’ve got a lot to get through, so i’ll keep this intro short but there’s a few things to take into consideration with this.

This is a short (HAHA) write up to accompany our podcast series rolling out every day this week and so will only really focus on the winners of each category mentioned. If you want to know more about why they and the runners up were chosen then listening to our podcast series is highly recommended. You can find links to them pretty much everywhere on the site or find us on iTunes, Overcast or whatever your podcast app of choice is.

If you listened to the podcast and noticed that we didn’t mention a game you feel really strongly about let us know! Comment on one of these posts, send us a tweet @GlitchFreeGame or an email at and we’ll try to check it out! We’re always interested in new games.

Finally, these are just our opinions (largely mine, because I wrote it.) Enjoy Day Three of our Game Of The Year awards.

Best Mobile/Tablet
Winner – Lara Croft Go
Runners Up – Sonic Runners, Splendor

Lara-Croft-GOSquare Enix are on a roll with their “Go” series of mobile games. Lara Croft Go distills the Tomb Raider experiences into a lengthy series of small, bite sized puzzles that involve moving Lara through dungeons, killing baddies and climbing a bunch of stuff. The simplistic art style is gorgeous, with varied environments and awesome enemy designs. It’s such a cliche but it really is a pick up and play game, the puzzles are the perfect length to get through on a short bus journey and it’s a lot of fun.

Best Story
Winner – Life Is Strange
Runners Up – Until Dawn, The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt

LiS_wallI’ve only played the first episode of Life Is Strange, it largely won this category due to strong arguments by Paul and Mike. From the sounds of it, it’s like Donnie Darko the video game. Seems pretty fantastic to me.

Best Moment
Winner – The Intro of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
Runners Up – Papyrus Dating Sequence (Undertale), Gun Choice (Until Dawn)

MGSVThe internet is pretty divided on most things but few more so than MGSV’s story. In particular the intro sequence and of course one big moment later on in the game. For us on the GFG podcast however, that intro sequence was outstanding. The perfect blend of the MGS series goofiness and self seriousness with a crazy horror vibe that makes us collectively sad that Kojima is no longer making a Silent Hill game. In some ways it sets the bar for story higher than the rest of the game manages to reach but nevertheless, there are few moments as memorable in gaming as waking up to a cover of The Man Who Sold The World and hearing “You’ve been in a coma for nine years…”

Best Multiplayer
Winner – Rocket League
Runners Up – Helldivers, Splatoon

rocket-league-screenshot-010-ps4-us-7jul15I’ve already spoken a bit about Rocket League in these write-ups but suffice to say the multiplayer was the reason to play that game. It has some basic single player stuff and the AI is pretty decent but there’s nothing that matches the thrill of getting together with two friends, going against three random people online and all flipping through the air, coordinating and getting blown up as that ball hits the net and explodes.

Best Indie
Winner – Her Story
Runners Up – Undertale, Rocket League

Her StoryHer Story is possibly the first game to ever make me take notes. Certainly the most memorable of them at least. I also can’t think of a game to inspire such a need to discuss as this one. I spent probably just as much time if not more discussing my take on the game’s story, how I found certain videos, what i believed certain clues to mean and so on. It’s weird how a game which is little more than a collection of videos split up with a basic search system in it can be so engrossing and in depth. How taking what is kinda a really simple story and splitting it up and forcing the player to piece it together themselves can make it so much more interesting to consume.

Prettiest Game
Winner – The Order 1886
Runners Up – Rise Of The Tomb Raider, The Witcher 3

The-Order-1886Lets be honest here. The graphics are the one thing The Order 1886 absolutely fucking nails. I enjoyed that game but it’s like a mishmash of half finished ideas that have promise but never really reach their potential. The graphics though. Goddamn. There are so few games that nail cinematic style like The Order does. The little things like the crazy detail of each character’s individual costumes, the lighting and every single tiny detail in every single environment. It’s really pretty.

Best Game To Escape Early Access
Winner – Prison Architect
Runners Up – Rebel Galaxy, Kerbal Space Programme

headerThis marks the third and probably final year that Prison Architect has showed up in our Game Of The Year awards. I’ve been playing it off and on since the very first alpha back in 2012 and followed its development from an incredibly basic little thing to a super in depth management sim with a great cartoony style. This year, it finally left early access and became a full fledged game and it’s quite simply outstanding. I’ve spent hours building my prison and micromanaging every tiny little thing. Primarily to stop people stabbing each other. The prisoners really like to stab each other a lot. I thought separating the high risk prisoners during eating hours and free time would stop them stabbing people because they had less people to stab but no, it just means only high risk prisoners are getting stabbed. Oh, in the showers too. So much stabbing. Anyway, it’s a fantastic game, go buy it. And put metal detectors on every single door.

“Oh Shit, That Came Out This Year?”
Winner – A Bunch of Games

So, this award is a bit different because we don’t really give it a Winner, it’s just a list of things we were surprised to be reminded came out this year when organising the GOTY list because they fell out of our memories and felt like they came out forever ago. So here go.

The Order 1886
Like most games on this list, delayed forever and then a bit of a wet fart of a release when it did eventually come out. We on the podcast actually enjoyed it a bit more than most people seemed to but still, we forgot about it.

Project Cars
1429141807-logoProject Cars is weird because it has been out in some form on PC since forever, so it felt like it has always been out. But this year marked its official release and its first time on consoles and while it was a fantastic game, it feels weird to think it came out this year.

EvolveWe forgot this game even existed until part way through our second GOTY podcast. What the hell? The developers of Left 4 Dead made a new multiplayer shooter with a cool gimmick and then it bombed, was forgotten about and has a dwindling player base which implies we weren’t the only ones to forget about it.

Battlefield Hardline
Battlefield-HardlineA Battlefield game came out this year. I need to check this every single time I see it on this list which I wrote. Battlefield Hardline. Came out. This Year. And it was a pretty solid game! But I swear it came out some point last year, right?

Day three’s rant is now over, I hope you guys are enjoying these. Leave your angry comments below! Then go buy Prison Architect.

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