Kickstarter Roundup – Issue 1

If you listened to the podcast pre-episode 70, then you will know my favourite pastime while recording was to show my co-hosts Kickstarters they would almost always fund. With my life no longer allowing me to be on every week, I feel my co-podcasters wallets are a little too fat as of late without my influence.

Now that we have this shiny new website it’s my chance to lighten their load a little by doing a weekly round up of what I think is the best stuff for them and  you to spend money on from Kickstarter. So here they are my top picks for this week:


Deadwood: The Forgotten Curse


The team behind the game describes it as Zelda meets “Don’t Starve,” an action adventure game with a survival twist. The team has worked on things like Bioshock, The Hobbit, and Avatar so they have a wealth of experience to pull from and it shows. The game has you play as Lathe, a teenage woodling and an inventor, as he adventures though the world with his stone friend Rogaurd who protects him by day. But at night you must prepare your defenses and protect the sleeping giant from the deadwood. The game has backer tiers running from $1 to $1000  with $15 getting you the game and all stretch goals as well as beta access in September this year and if you are still not sure there is a free demo just head on over to their Kickstarter page.


Epic Everything

65ad7a332db70c37169d036ec43765c9_originalEpic everything is a digital CCG with RTS elements. Players play cards at the same time so there is not reaction, round by round, waiting on your opponent. The game is about reaction time and out playing your opponent on the fly. While the game does bare a similar style and model to a popular game set next to a hearth, it looks like a solid idea and mix up of the traditional ccg game play enough for me to say put your money on this one. The game will be free to play on  Windows, Mac, IOS and Android. $5 will get you into the beta and everything from there up will buy you card packs and in game items as well as physical items for the high end tiers.


11134017_376109869250643_8957728068549897464_oSkulldug is a game of exploration where 2 to 5 people race through and explore caves to find 3 treasures and  escape with them. The game is based around tile laying much like Saboteur, in that every time you play the cave layout randomizes. While exploring you will have to avoid traps from fellow players. You will also have to deal with a different curse each item of treasure has, making it harder to limp to safety with every new piece you collect.  This game has everything I love about tabletop games: random generated maps and the ability to mess with your friends via traps. You can help fun Skulldug from as little as $5 for the print and play flies or $39 for a copy of the game and all stretch goals. With free worldwide shipping this is a no brainer for me.


The Apocrypha Adventure Card Game

A card game and RPG in one box, The Apocrypha Adventure Card Game is the next evolution of gameplay from Mike Selinker, one of the creators of The Pathfinder Adventure Game and Betrayal at the House on the Hill. With card text from the likes of Jerry Holkins, Kij Johnson, Kris Straub, and Patrick Rothfuss, the game supports 1 to 6  players as an adventure cardgame or even as a full blown RPG
set on the  precipice of a modern day apocalypse. Players play saints battling against the monsters lurking in the dark. Both players and monsters evolve over the rounds of the game. This game will set you back a larger amount than the rest on this list at $66, but with more than 500 cards and 16 dice in this box I would say it is well worth the money before it becomes a must buy after it launches.

Well thats it folks, 4 Kickstarter campaigns I feel that deserve your money. I will be looking to do these roundups weekly and will be trying my best to stick to the format above of 4 items unless there is just too much that catches my eye. Now, go have a look and if you have suggestions for me for next week you can email them to me at


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