Kickstarter Roundup – Issue 2

There’s never a dull moment with Kickstarter around. Just when you think maybe it’s settling down, someone goes and fraudulantly donates enough for something to succeed or yet another couple of masters of their craft come back to sell their new nostalgia filled game to their loving fanbase (Castlevania and Banjo Kazooie in this instance.) But that’s not what this feature is about, at least not to me. As different writers take a stab at it I’m sure what games we cover will change but while I’ve got my greasy mitts on it, we’re going to take a dive into the random array of Kickstarter projects I think are pretty cool looking.

Power Drive 2000
Set in the far flung neon future of the year 2000, Power Drive 2000 is an arcadey racing game that looks like the love child of Far Cry Blood Dragon and Ridge Racer. It looks fast, gorgeous and has a fantastic soundtrack lined up. It’s relatively cheap too, $12CAD will get you a Steam copy of the game, while anything up gets you both Steam and a DRM free version of the game if you’re not into relying on Valve’s gaming behemoth. There are tiers that go up to $730 but the notable ones in my opinion are probably the $24 and $37 tiers which come with Beta access and the Soundtrack respectively. Just go watch the gameplay footage and you’ll instantly know if this one is up your alley.

Tokyo Dark
58f98d79623d7bc986579c88f76c04ab_originalTokyo Dark is one of the first games to pass through Square Enix’s indie…uh…thing, the Square Enix Collective, and reach Kickstarter. Tokyo Dark is focusing a lot on conversation options and branching paths for its Point and Click adventure story and is using a cool setting that instantly seems like a mix of anime and Bladerunner. The concept art and the art of the Kickstarter page all looks pretty great, unfortunately the initial screenshots don’t really share that level of detail. Here’s hoping that the final game looks a little less flash-gamey and a bit more polished. Tier wise it’s only $15CAD for a copy of the game, with a variety of tiers up to $3,000. Most of them are variations of ways to get some of the artwork – postcards, books, figurines – so they could be worth taking a look at if you’re into the art style.

middara-mini1Described on the kickstarter page as “A 1-5 player cooperative story telling board game with unique miniatures and a modern flair,” Middara looks like a simplified RPG with premade characters and cards for equipment and abilities and such. The artwork is the main draw, using a cartoony exaggerated fantasy look and a lot of cool looking miniatures for the characters too. Unfortunately those figures come at a price, even the cheapest backing option is going to set you back $95USD. There aren’t a whole lot of tiers either, the $95 tier is the Early Bird version of the one other regular tier at $100.

pic2520416_mdHeldentaufe is a pretty looking hex grid based game in which the players traverse a world, exploring it as they go by laying down hexes from a shuffled deck and encountering random events. Some tiles will also allow for some kind of development on them, farming, fishing etc that can allow players to gather resources and build themselves up to then go underground and explore a more dangerous dungeon filled with traps and monsters. It looks rather simple and probably not hugely replayable but Heldentaufe seems like an interesting one that’s worth keeping an eye on. It also has a cool digital version to play online which I think is possibly the best way to get people to back your kickstarter. Tiers range from $1 to $2000, with $34 being the cheapest to get a physical copy of the game and everything higher being various multipacks of it (if you can find a friend, you’ll save on shipping!)

Buff Shark Man
photo-originalI don’t think Buff Shark Man will reach its goal. I also don’t think it really deserves to reach the goal. The creator has no solid plans beyond “I want to make a game based on a webcomic I make in my spare time.” No genre, no realistic delivery date (it says December 2015, but no way), no team and basically no clue. This game is doomed even if someone were crazy enough to donate money to it but dammit, that art is fucking cool and I feel the world is every bit as depraved and disgusting as it is made out to be if we don’t believe in a man who comes up with “Buff Shark Man” as a character for something.

That’s it from me this week! If you have any suggestions for gaming related kickstarters that you think you think deserve some attention, let me know at or @Protome on Twitter.

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