Prosperous Universe Moves into Early Access

A little over a year ago, Paul linked me to an article on PC Gamer about a game he thought I would like. Labelled as “Spreadsheets in Space”, he knew I would be hooked. Of course he did. Prosperous Universe has kept me entertained throughout the day, every day, for the past 13 months. We’ve even featured an interview with the developers at simulogics.

However, my run as the Governor of Umbra has finally come to an end. Not because I’ve fallen out of love with the game. But because the great reset has finally come upon us and it is now time for Prosperous Universe to enter Early Access. All players will now be restarting the game on the same footing, giving veterans and new players the same opportunity to start fresh and create new alliances, make better (or at least different) business decisions, in their quest for galactic supremacy.

Early Access also sees a switch to a subscription based pricing model for the PRO account. Prosperous Universe does still very much remain as a Free-to-Play game. But a PRO account really opens up some of the more co-operative aspects of the game, such as trading from the player built Local Markets. During the First Access stage, you were able to make a single pledge to gain access to a PRO account. Going forward, a monthly subscription is required. Though if you cancel your subscription later down the line, you will end up on a BASIC license with some benefits, as opposed to reverting to the TRIAL license of the beginning.

One of the other big changes moving into the Early Access stage is a limit on player bases. Players will now have to construct and upgrade a Company HQ to form more bases. This HQ also provides other bonuses, depending on it’s location, and can be relocated. It will add an interesting mechanic to the game that will prevent players spamming bases all around the universe, forcing them to make more tactical decisions.

Finally, the Universe itself is having a big change moving into Early Access. The map is going to be much larger than the one played on in First Access. With over 4,000 planets in 637 systems, spread through 108 sectors, it’s going to be a much more varied Universe. One where shipping may be even more key than the last!

A new faction is also entering the game. The Antares Initiative (ominously codenamed ‘AI’) are there to symbolise a Mars based Colonization faction who pursue cost-effective ways of founding new homes. For players, this means another part of “faction controlled” space, and an additional currency to deal with.

Thousands of players have signed up to play Prosperous Universe since it’s first release back in December 2018. To join in on the fresh server and the beginning of Early Access, head over to to create an account!

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