A look at the Venom Protective Shell Case for Nintendo Switch

As some of you will know, Mike and Kieran finally bullied me into convinced me to get a Nintendo Switch. More on that hopefully in a future podcast episode! However, my main reason for picking up the Switch was also my main concern with it, playing games with my kids.

The Switch is obviously such a versatile device in that it can be used as a home console, or on the go. And it’s the later that concerned me. We’ve already had a couple of mobile phone and Xbox One/PS4 controller incidents in my household. So there was a genuine fear of something happening to the Switch while left in the hands of smaller people.

In steps Venom. I’d been looking around at a few different case options when we received an email announcing Venom’s new “Protective Shell Case”.

Joycons can be easily removed while the Switch remains protected

When I received the case I set about getting my Switch into it. The case comes as a single unit and the Switch slides easily into it. It’s a hard plastic casing that covers the back and sides of the device, with gaps for access to the various buttons and ports, as well as space for the speaker.

It also leaves easy access for removing and replacing the Joycons for when you need to. The case includes an ergonomic housing for the Joycons, giving them some extra protection also. At first, with the look of the case on it’s own I was sceptical about these. But the feel of holding the Switch in the case is great. So much so it now feels weird trying to hold it without the case on.

And that’s the next genius part of the Venom Protective Shell Case. You don’t need to remove it, even when docking the Switch when you are back in the house.

Storage for up to eight games

On the back of the case is storage for up to eight games. Again these are protected by the hard plastic. But this housing is on a hinge that can move out of the way for when you want to dock the Switch. It’s great that you don’t have to faff about with the case every time it comes in and out of the dock, as it does on a regular occurrence in my house.

That said, there are a couple of drawbacks to this feature of the case. First is that the game storage flap (for lack of a better description) hooks on to the bottom of the case when closed. These hooks really are quite hard to undo for when you want to put it in the dock. Not something my kids manage.

The storage unit unhooks for docking or standing the switch up

The second is that it does make it a bit of a tight squeeze. I’ve found you need to actually push the Switch down into the dock with the case on it. And that sometimes feels a little unnerving to do.

It fits! (Just)

The final feature to mention on the Venom Protective Shell Case is that it also came with a tempered glass screen protector. Probably the most crucial protection a Switch needs in a family household. This was very easy to apply, wipes clean with no smears and gives great protection. The only negative was that there were no instructions in the box on how to apply it. Or indeed how you were supposed to put the Switch into the case or use the game storage features. It didn’t take much to work it all out. Yet I’m sure some people would be more comfortable if there was a manual or even an online reference, rather than just the pictures on the box to go by.

The Venom Protective Shell Case is perfect for the on the go Switch user. It’s allowed us to stuff the Switch in a bag when we’re off to sit outside one of the kids Saturday classes, or for jaunts in the car without me having to worry about it. What it doesn’t do though is protect the Switch if you were actually packing it away for a longer trip. The thumbsticks on the Joycons, for example, are still exposed. I usually remove the Joycons and put them in a less restricted space if the Switch is getting stuffed into a bag. But if you’re looking for a full protective carry case, then the Venom Protective Shell Case might not be what you are looking for. But for all other purposes it gives good solid protection while also adding to the ergonomic feel of the handheld console.

The Venon Protective Shell Case retails at £12.99 and can be found on Amazon and all leading gaming retailers. For more information, visit www.venomuk.com

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