Distant Worlds 2 – A CMDRs Journey

Elite Dangerous has been a pasttime of mine and some our friends at Glitch Free Gaming for many years now. A regular Friday Night Shenanigans is held over on Twitch with Smiter1983, IanDLive and myself. Ever since the announcement of the Distant Worlds 2 Expedition we have been gearing up for the journey. Well, Smiter and Ian have. I’m piggybacking on what I have already.

What is Distant Worlds 2 I hear you ask? Well you can use that handy link above to read all about it in the forum post, or take a look at the following excerpt:

Distant Worlds 2 is an expedition to the far outer rim, culminating at Beagle Point around 18 weeks after departure. Its mission statement is to take thousands of CMDRs on a journey of discovery, to see what mysteries the galaxy contains, finally unlocked for all with the new scanners and Codex to guide us. 

Weekly waypoints will be announced for the expedition. This gives CMDRs plenty of time to group up into wings and fleets to make the journey together. With over 13,000 CMDRs signed up for the expedition, there is going to be a wide variety of ships and pilot styles making the journey. As such, different role-based projects have been defined. From Discovery & Exploration, Science and Tourism, to Industry, Mining and even an EDRPG campaign.

I’m going to be documenting the journey here as we go. Hopefully we will travel as a group and find many new sights along the way to share with you. Along with catching up on the logs here, you can join us on the Friday Night Shenanigans streams using the links above. Alternatively, you can even try to catch a lift on my Beluga, the S.A. Oranje by contacting my through the Glitch Free Gaming Discord. Do note, that due to the distances travelled and the delay in subspace communication, logs may take some time to appear on the site.

Distant Worlds 2: A Journey of Discovery by Dr. Kaii

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