CMDRs Log 09-02-3305

Begin delayed transmission…

We left the Conflux Abandoned Settlements determined to see a few more sights along to way to the next waypoint in the Llyn Tegid Nebula. And we certainly found a few!

First up was the Rusty Net Nebula. One of the most visually striking nebulas in the galaxy. But that was just the beginning. We then ventured on to the Collection of Wonders. A system that includes not one, but two black holes! And yet that’s just a sample of what the system has on offer. A ringed white dwarf, a ringed neutron and a ringed M-class make this a must see, and a tourist beacon is aptly set up for your visit.

After being spoilt by the Collection of Wonders, we headed off to the next vista, Guardian Ruins! We’ve seen ruins like these before, back when we had to collect the required components for the Guardian FSD booster. We wouldn’t be making this trip without it!

These ruins however were the first to be discovered in the Scutum-Sagittarii Conflux. The ancient obelisks here must have some meaning to them, but we are yet to fully understand the data that has been gleaned from them.

We then were given some respite and a chance to refuel and repair by heading to the Sacaqawea Space Port. Unfortunately we seemed to pick up a software virus at the spaceport as some of our records got corrupted after our visit. The images survived, but none of the correlating data did, so we can’t say what systems these images were collected from.

What we can say though is that we made it to the Llyn Tegid Nebula safe and sound on the 09-02-3305. We now await further instruction from the expedition organisers on where we shall venture next!

Logs ends. CMDR Dover8 out.

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