CMDRs Log 16-05-3305

Begin delayed transmission…

Interim transmission from 02-03-3305:

Oh man, what a disaster! That virus we picked up at Sacaqawea Space Port has wreaked havoc. Firstly we lost all of our flight data for three whole weeks. From where we left things in Clooku EW-Y c3-197 at 01:21:06 on 09-02-3305 to arriving in Blaa Phoe LT-G d11-319 at 10:39:34 on 02-03-3305 we have no record of where we have been. Thankfully the logs did come back on just in time to record our arrival at Way Point 5, Polo Harbour.

Image received from CMDR Dariorthan, somewhere further ahead in the expedition.

However, not only have we lost data, but we’ve lost a lot of time too. We’re now approximately 2 weeks behind schedule. Most of the expedition by now is on their way towards Sagittarius A*. The plus side to this though is that we now know the intended route for the next stages of our journey.

Remaining transmission:

So Polo Harbour turned out to be a pretty… interesting affair. We hung about trying to drum up some business and see if any passengers were looking for transport. Long story short, our attempts weren’t taken kindly and I found myself locked up for a week. Only after being released did I discover the S.A. Oranje had been put under impound!

Finally I was able to get away from Polo Harbour after paying a few fines. The real kicker was that now we found ourselves several weeks behind schedule. There was no time now to take the optional trip over to Colonia either.

A few jumps out we were able to take in the beautiful ringed Water World in the blue nebula Phiaanor. From there we put the pedal to the metal and headed straight out to the next Waypoint at The Dryau Awesomes.

CMDR Smiter1983 left us a couple of images from his travels too. He’s already quite a way “down the road” as they used to say. The next stage of the journey will be taking us to the centre of the Galaxy and a visit to Sagittarius A*!

Log ends. CMDR Dover8 out.

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