CMDRs Log 21-01-3305

Begin delayed transmission…

The first week of Distant Worlds II expedition has gone largely to plan. Well, we set off 3 days late but by putting in a shift on Saturday we were able to keep to the schedule and arrived in the Omega Sector on the 22nd of January, 3305 as directed.

The Cinnabar Moth Nebula

As we’re still relatively close to home, there wasn’t too much to report. We waited about for a couple of days to see if we could pick up any passengers, but our cabins remained empty as we moved away from the Pallaeni system.

One of our first stops though was The View. And boy what a view! But it wasn’t all plain sailing. The planet has a whopping 3.30G so in our landing we came in hot! Thank goodness we packed that AFMU and the repair limpets!

The tourist beacon in this system was also sitting right in the cone of the neutron star, so visiting it was risky business.

Further on we did encounter some interesting biological anomalies for scanning. They looked like some sort of space jellyfish, along with some spiked metallic objects.

Next stop is Pru Aescs NC-M d7-192 . As we get further away from the bubble I imagine we’ll find even more exotic discoveries!

Log ends. CMDR Dover8 out.

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