CMDRs Log 28-05-3305

Begin delayed transmission…

So with our ship, the Beluga Class S.A. Oranje, back in full working order it’s time to move on to the next waypoint in the Distant Worlds II expedition. That is, none other than the centre of the galaxy, Sagittarius A*.

It’s towards the centre of the galaxy that some real wonders can be found. First we passed through the Shrogaei Nebula Cluster. I could swear there were some messages to be deciphered in the nebula when you looked at it from a certain angle.

The Shrogaei Nebula Cluster. Some strange markings can be seen in the clouds.

Further on through the Shrogaei sector we also discovered this beautiful ringed water world.

But you don’t travel to the centre of the galaxy for the nebula and the water worlds! You come here for the Black Holes. And even as you head towards the supermassive black hole at the centre, there are plenty others to see on the way.

First up was a stop at Galionas. It’s still a nebula, but also has a black hole. The result is some really colourful sights!

The Black (Green?) Hole in Galionas

While it was nice to sit back and chill around Galionas, it only peaked our interest for what was to be our first visit to Sagittarius A*. A long list of names have been immortalised as those who have made the trip to the centre of the galaxy, and after flying for so long it was about time to add mine to that list. Thanks to this recoded database, we can see that I was the 2615th pilot to register a visit to Sag A.

Queue Muse on your in flight sound system.

On a final note this log, a transmission was received from the expedition organisers. While, for the reasons outlined in the previous logs, we have fallen behind the main fleet, it’s good to hear that the majority are still moving through space together. They’ve provided us some footage to remind us that we are not alone out here in the black.

Log ends. CMDR Dover8 out.

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