Wave Interactive Interview: Buck

We recently published a preview on Buck, a “2D Post-Apocalyptic Noir Action-Adventure Game” in which the canine main character is based on the developers own pet. The game is currently looking for funding on Kickstarter, and Nathan interviewed Gal Kfir, who is 1/3 of the Wave Interactiveteam, about the ongoing development of the game.

The world that Wave Interactive have created is quite bleak and even the NPC’s are quite hostile. Will we get an insight into the world of BUCK through playing? Or is this an experience focused on Buck and his mission to find this missing girl?

Buck_AloneWhile the experience is focused on Buck himself, the world is still treated as an additional main character in our design choices. No NPC is behaving the way he does without a solid reason, and intention, that makes sense in the world. As the world opens up and reveals more characters, locations and motivations, the player and Buck’s reactions will be made all the more unique.

Having made various gameplay balance tweaks in response to feedback, do you have a personal vision of the level of challenge that you want to give players in the game?

Admittedly I was very happy to hear that the pre-alpha demo was very difficult for players. This was a good sign for me that we have a solid framework on which we can build upon once we add the weapon customization system and additional weapons. I was worried the game was too easy! After a long while of play-testing BUCK by myself, knowing all the enemy move sets and weak points (which makes sense since I designed their combat behaviors) I’d feared the game would be a cake walk for players and that the weapon customization and additional weapons would feel useless. BUCK was designed to be a challenging game, one that asks the player to consider how they manage their inventory, movement, combat and quick reflexes. We don’t want the game to be unfair. With continued testing we’ll hopefully be able to find that sweet spot of hard but fair difficulty.

With the gameplay being non-linear, will there be any quests or story elements that play out differently based on the order that the player completes them in?

Buck_and_JodieThe non-linear elements are planned to affect the way Buck can approach missions. Some areas could be unlocked by performing certain actions and choices, not all of the upgrades are immediately obtainable and the way characters behave towards you should be felt as the story progresses. It’s less about an order of completion and more about making choices before the outcome becomes painfully obvious.

How deeply will the different dialogue choices affect your play through of the game?

It’s a tad early to tell. We’re still working on implementing additional gameplay systems for changing elements in the game’s environment, character behaviors and items. It’s about seeing how much content we can put in the game and then deciding how dialogues will change the outcomes of certain elements in the story.

With the weapon customization options, will we be given the option to play through as a gun focus? Or will ammo and weapons be quite scarce?

Buck_16We want to give any playstyle the option to be viable for a full focused build. All guns, no guns, hybrid, melee weapons only and more. Ammo will be scarce, but if you choose to focus on guns only, it might be smart to purchase or locate the blue print for crafting additional ammunition for your guns and enlarge your inventory space.

GlitchFreeGaming thanks Gal Kfir for answer our questions, and wishes Wave Interactive the best of luck with their Kickstarter campaign

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