Humankind Announcement

SEGA and Amplitude studios have announced Humankind, a new ambitious 4x strategy game at gamescom.

Humankind is to allow the players to play through from historical points, from Neolithic times to the modern age. Yet allowing them the freedom to diverge and combine cultures to create unique civilizations.

With 60 different cultures to combine, you can start out on a path such as Ancient Egyptians, evolving into the likes of Romans and Vikings as you progress.

There is also an interesting fame victory condition. Aside from the usual 4x victory paths, you can garner fame from a variety of things. Every great deed, every moral choice, every battle can earn you fame. It sounds like an interesting, and an appealing, jack-of-all-trades route to victory.

Humankind is due to release in 2020. For more information you can visit the games website and check out the screenshot gallery below.

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