PES 2016 – UEFA Euro 2016 Update

The weather is starting to get better and we can start dreaming about summer. This year, for football fans, summer means only one thing: UEFA Euro 2016!

KONAMI announced back in August last year that they would be producing a big update to PES 2016 for UEFA Euro 2016, and that day has arrived. Data Pack 3 (as they are calling it) rolls out today with a whole host of updates to PES 2016 for European footballs most anticipated competition.

EURO_2016_Wales_1458814393The majority of the updates are on a cosmetic level. 15 new international kits are being updated for the clubs that will feature prominently in the UEFA Euro 2016 competition, including hosts France along with Germany, Italy, Spain, Czech Republic, Turkey, Iceland, Slovakia, Ukraine, Northern Ireland, Croatia, Albania, England, Portugal and Wales.

Wales will be looking to their key man Gareth Bale to get them as far as possible in UEFA Euro 2016, and of course he is the cover star for UEFA Euro 2016. Data Pack 3 is also updating 199 player faces and KONAMI claim that players such as Gareth Bale will have the most detailed likeness of any football game. But it’s not just a facelift that players are getting, the form and stats are getting a big update.

EURO_2016_Germany_vs_Portugal_1458814392KONAMI patches players ratings on a weekly basis based on real life form, but Data Pack 3 is updating the ratings of over 1400 players in PES 2016. The likes of Jamie Vardy, who has had a phenomenal season with Leicester City, will see big increases to their stats to reflect how they played over the course of the past year.

PES_2016_DP3_Neymar_1458814132It’s not just UEFA Euro 2016 content that Data Pack 3 will be providing. There are also a whole host of club kits being updated to reflect Champions League progress etc., along with new boot and ball styles, including the NIKE Hypervenom Phantoms. Of course, the official balls of UEFA Champions League and UEFA Euro 2016 are also being added.

All this content is being provided as free updates for existing owners of PES 2016, rolling out from today. Further kits are going to be released as free DLC in the run up to UEFA Euro 2016 which begins 10th of June 2016. KONAMI will also release the UEFA Euro 2016 game as a standalone version on April 21st for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3. Roll on the summer!

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