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Episode 207: Zogen Cross Tag

Kieran and Mike are joined by Ben to talk about board games they played together including Zogen and Summoner’s Isle. Of course, we also discuss videogames.

Episode 205: Money Puzzle Nites

This week it’s just Kieran and Mike and they discuss Mike’s out of the blue obsession with Fortnite and Kieran’s long term obsession with Money Puzzle Exchanger.

Episode 204: Mario OctoTennis

Mike returns with news about board games from UKGE. Kieran dives into multiple new fighting games like Pocket Rumble, Blazblue Cross Tag and…Mario Tennis?

Role Quest Preview

A wizard and a blacksmith walk into a bar. No, this is not a bad DnD joke but one of the situations that will come up in Role Quest, a new card game from Hercules Game Studios looking for funding on Kickstarter.