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Two Point Hospital Review (PC)

Not all patients can be cured from Rock Bottom. But Two Point Hospital offers many alternate remedies to restore your faith in the management sim genre.

Episode 213: Taiko No Doctrine

This week Mike and Kieran are joined by Editor in chief of GFG, Ben, to discuss Phantom Doctrine, Taiko Drum ‘n Fun, Soulcalibur VI, Two Point Hospital and much much more!

The Networks Review

Gil Hova has created an experience that will have you and your friends chuckling over the great shows that you can put on with your Networks.

Madden NFL 19 Review (PS4)

Madden NFL 19 is a bit of bitter sweet. Upgrades to Ultimate Team and Franchise are marred by a disappointing soundtrack & an underwhelming Longshot story.

NES Happy Hour: Part Two

Kieran and Paul dive into the Switch’s new collection of NES games and play each of the games incredibly poorly! Again! This time we play such hits as “Soccer” and “Tennis” and also genuine hits like River City Ransom and Super Mario Bros 3.

Episode 211: NESflix Comes To Switch

This week we spend way too long talking about the new NES Classics release on Switch, how great Money Puzzle Exchanger is and of course Spider-man. We also round up all the news from last week’s Nintendo Direct.

Episode 210: Does Whatever A Mega Can

A bit late up again this week, sorry about that!┬áBut this week we don’t have a lot of games to discuss except the brand new Spider-man game and the new Mega Man 11 demo! Both of which are fantastic!