GFG UK Games Expo 2018 Round up – Day 1

Glitch Free Gaming are down in Birmingham at the 2018 UK Games Expo. After a slight hitch in trying to make it on time for the press event, Mike, Ben and Steven take in a few of the sights on Day 1.
Mike buys a game from Oink before Ben and Mike speak with Sensible Object about their games that make use of Tech.
Steven also hunts down an app that’s being demoed. The Ultimate Games Master is touting itself to be the perfect RPG companion.
Then the guys played a game of Lander. Lander was on display last year and while they don’t have a booth here, Dan from their team brought the prototype along for us to have a shot.
After a few more games in the afternoon, Ben and Steven dragged Mike into an RPG. Along with three other people, we became the crew of the Don’t Stop Believing in a game of Traveller.

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