Mike’s Pile of Shame: The Board Game Edition.

If you have listened to the podcast you’ll know that each of us has a rather large and ever increasing pile of shame. Some of these are incredibly easy to ignore, especially if they are digital copies bought through Steam. Even physical copies are easy to look at and as long as I have played at least five hours of the bigger ones, I resort to the old “I’ll get to it at one point” philosophy. My board game pile of shame is a different kettle of fish however. I find myself rather stressed when it grows and have even created a rule that I cannot buy a new game until I’ve played one of the unplayed ones. Obviously I don’t get stressed enough to enforce the rule but, hey, baby steps.

SWI03-09FiguresAnother issue that comes up with this process is how do I determine when a board game is considered “not played yet?” Most of the games in my collection will get a solo playthrough so I can learn the rules and how the game works. This normally involves me playing a three to four player game myself, running around the table playing each “persons” turn until I either get the rules or fall down dizzy. Even after this, I still consider the game in question as “not played yet.”

As you can guess, all of my rationing and rules have not stopped my board game pile of shame from growing. So, in yet another hopeless attempt, I’m going to highlight some of the board games I own, giving reasons and some sort of plan of when I shall play them. It also means if I fail to play them you are welcome to ridicule me in the comments.

Zombie 15’
SONY DSCEveryone’s pile of shame has to have at least one Kickstarter project on it. Mine is no different. Zombie 15’ (the ‘ is short for minutes, being a reference on how long it takes to play a game) is a cooperative game where four players work through a series of missions trying to escape a town where all the adults have turned into zombies. The novel twist to this game is, not only do missions only take fifteen minutes to play but the timing is alligned using a CD soundtrack that also triggers events when particular sounds are heard. This soundtrack is part of the reason I haven’t been able to get this to a table yet. Our gaming group used to meet up in a pub where using a soundtrack would have been rather difficult. Chances of being played: Good, planning to play Zombie 15’ at the annual ThanksGaming charity event on 29th May

Chez Geek

download (2)This one is not my fault. Chez Geek is currently the most traveled game in my collection. Despite having been to more than twenty odd board game sessions the cards have yet to come out of their cellophane wrapper. Although this Steve Jackson game has all the hallmarks of the “take that” style of game play and backstabbing that our group loves, I think it’s just too close to Munchkin.
Chances of being played: Unlikely, unless someone burns the huge collection of Munchkin cards we own.

Star Realms
I promise this was bought with the best of intentions. Every boardgame collection needs a few games that can be played by as few as two people so that latecomers have something to play whilst they wait for the group to finish. in-play Star Realms was bought with this in mind. I also purchased the digital version of the game which, because it is amazing, means I’ll probably not play the physical copy myself.
Chances of being played: Unknown, but I play the hell out of the app so that counts doesn’t it?

Star Wars Imperial Assault
HEI1300_SWI01_box_leftThis amazing tweak to Descent Journeys into Darkness is an epic adventure set in the Star Wars universe with four players playing members of the Rebel Alliance and one player controlling the entire Galactic Empire. This is going to be terrific.
Chances of being played: Good, planning to play it at our annual ThanksGaming charity event on 29th May

Dark Seas / Five Tribes
ft_designer-diary_10AEG’s Dark Seas is the latest addition to the pile of shame and is only here because we ran out of time at International Tabletop Day of the 11th April 2015. This fun four player tile laying / dice game looks absolutely gorgeous with its Monkey Island art style and I can’t wait for our next game session.Photo 21-04-2015 20 47 26 Five Tribes is one of last year’s best games and a treat for lovers of strategic worker placement games. It only got delivered a few days ago hence its inclusion here.
Chances of being played: Excellent, both already packed in the bag for the next session.

Small World
sw_home_picture1Another example of a game that I have played before, but have yet to use my own copy. Not too sure if this counts. Chances of being played: Umm, soon. Stop pressuring me, you know I love you!

So there you have it, just a glance at my board game pile of shame and what I intend to do about it. How is your boardgame pile of shame? Do you even have one? Do you want to help by playing one of these with me or just shout at me for not playing your favourite game yet– Let us know in the comments

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3 Responses

  1. Eresin says:

    I have to say Zombie 15’ sounds pretty darn fun and I’m keen to have a go! I am ashamed to say I have never played Munchkin, but I love me some backstabbing games and have always wanted to give it a shot.

    I’m not guilty of boardgame shame but certainly warcraft mount and pet shame. I spend so much time and gold collecting and yet my pet battle team has consisted of the same 3 pets since day 1 (and I have over 500 pets!). Ditto with the mounts, always use the same ground and flying mounts despite collecting more than 200 of them. Thankfully my shame pile is digital and I can hide from it, and it doesn’t cost me much real life money 🙂

  2. Alan says:

    Star Wars Imperial Assault is a pretty damn good game. It plays out very much like the D&D Legend of Drizzt game. Highly recommend!

  3. Mike O'Raw says:

    I am looking forward to it Alan! We have a game day coming up on Saturday and Imperial Assault has been requested so hopefully I’ll get three of these played

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