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Flywrench Review (PS4)

Its difficulty may prove to be a bit much for some, but fans of challenging platformers like Super Meat Boy should add Flywrench to their collection.

Space Rift Ep. 1 Review (PSVR)

The idea of VR space exploration with a strong narrative is good, but the execution in Space Rift left a large rift where the enjoyment should have been.

Space Rift Ep.1 Review (PC)

Space Rift was my first adventure in ‘serious’ VR gaming. I’m sure there’s more content to come, but for now, you’re not getting a lot for your money.

Rebel Galaxy Review (PC)

If you are a fan of Firefly, or Assassins Creed Black Flag, you will want to check out Rebel Galaxy. Potential Game of the Year!

Planetbase Review (PC)

You will learn to love your colonists in Planetbase. Look after them, nuture them and watch your colony grow and prosper. Planetbase will keep you engaged.