Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron Pinball Review (PSN)

Marvel's Avengers: Age of Ultron Pinball





  • Great Physics
  • Good Learning Curve.


  • Lacks Innovation
  • Samey Challenges
  • Compares poorly to other tables

Tom Freeman takes on The Avengers. And Wins…..

Ages of dulltron

Zen take good care of their licences. Its Marvel, Star Wars, Walking Dead and South Park pinball tables are almost all atmospheric and varied, and play well. Some, like Iron Man, are so challenging you hope none of your friends listers challenge your score. Others, like the surprisingly good Plants vs Zombies table, are accessible but lead to longer games as you try and beat the impossibly high scores on your leaderboard.

avengers-age-of-ultron-pinballEvery table, you see, feels like a labour of love rather than a cheap cash-in. The first Avengers table was quite innovative because it had different balls for the different characters, and the table would react differently depending on what ball was interacted with.

Avengers: Age of Ultron enters a competitive stable then, but unfortunately struggles to make the impact its predecessor did. It represents the nearest Zen have come to a cheap cash in, especially to someone who has played most of the other tables.

The table kicks off with an entertaining two-ball multiball as Iron Man constructs the Ultron A.I. Some of the ramps are difficult to accessible and steep, so momentum and skill is needed to get up them. This is very reminiscent of the previously mentioned Iron Man table.

Unfortunately, the sequences you could unlock on that table were really fun, but ultimately where Age of Ultron falls down is the player doesn’t feel rewarded enough by the high challenge. There is one Hawkeye mission where you get to fire a bow, but otherwise the minigames are disappointing compared to the other Marvel tables, and the multiballs are a mess. Some missions see ‘enemies’ populate the table, but this is less well realised than other tables.

Ultron_02Like the film of the same name, the table includes many characters, and some of the voice acting mimicry is better than others. There is certainly a lot of different voices here, laying the soundtrack of some chaotic action scenes, but in reality the gameplay is samey, and most missions involve hitting the same ramps in different orders. And there’s a few dialogue loops which grate very quickly.

The Avengers films are known for witty dialogue and some pretty thrilling fights, but if you want the same level of excitement in a pinball table opt for Empire Strikes Back, Wolverine or Super League Football. The latter shows what Zen can do when they innovate with narrative and varied gameplay. Age of Ultron is only for Marvel completionists, and even then, it won’t be their go-to superhero pinball fix.

4 flippers out of 10

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