Fatal Error is a local multiplayer game from Team Error and Tiny Colossus that’s currently available via Steam Early Access. Since many gamers are apprehensive about purchasing games during this period, I’m here to answer one simple question: Is Fatal Error worth buying at this stage?

dfatal_error_scenario_foundryWell, that depends. Do you enjoy having fun with your friends? If so, then you’ll probably enjoy Fatal Error. It’s a top down 4-player shoot ’em up where each player controls a little robot. The goal is to traverse the map, trying not to get blown up by your opponents, and grab the glowing power core which, when returned to your base, gives you a bunch of points. At the end of the round, the player with the most points wins.

fatal_error_scenario_labIt’s not too easy, though. There are four (usually) players competing against each other, and each robot is armed with a sword and a handgun to keep those other pesky bots away. There are also power ups, like shotguns and grenades launchers, which give huge boosts to the player who manages to grab them. The games most useful and interesting mechanic, however, is the camouflage.

fatal_error_challenge_hidingEvery map has a square that acts as a teleporter. When you roll your little robot over it, they get transported off the map and then the fun begins. If you’re using an Xbox remote (which is recommended, by the way) you can press A, B, X or Y to have your robot appear near one of the spawn points, on a conveyor belt…as a box. It’s all about the ambushes! If your opponents are watching every enemy at the same time, they’re likely to be surprised by a box suddenly slicing them apart as they draw close to their base with the power core.

fatal_error_scenario_dungeonThere isn’t a lot of content available for Fatal Error so far. Just a handful of maps, three game types; Free for all, team battles and Endless (a hoard mode), and a lot of disabled options in the menu. There’s a lot of potential, especially if you’re the type of gamer who likes to do their multi-playing old school – on the same couch as your opponent.

Should you be excited about Fatal Error? Yeah, you should. It’s a lot of fun in a group for a decent price point (£8.99 for early access on Steam), though it gets stale very quickly if you’re playing exclusively against bots. If you want to see the features still in development you can check out Team Error’s Trello board.

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