Dovetail Games Flight School Preview (PC)

Flight_School_Preview_runwayWhite Waltham this is Piper Cub Delta Lima, announcing departure from runway 2-5 full stop.

A phrase that will run many and clear as you take to the skies in one of two aircraft that Dovetail Games new entry into the niche of flight simulation, Flight School.

We’ve been given access to a preview of Flight School to take to the skies, and it delivers an enjoyable experience in free flight, where you can take off from almost anywhere in the world, in both LAPL (Light Aircraft Pilot Licence) and PPL (Private Pilot Licence) lessons.

Flight_School_Preview_internalIt’s been an interesting experience with this pre release version of Flight School and the updates that have been added to the sim have increased the pleasure that you get from entering the cockpit of either a General Aviation PA18 Piper Super Cub or in the PA28 Cherokee.

The aircraft are modelled beautifully, with engine notes ringing clear down to the squeak of wheels hitting the deck on touch down when returning gracefully, or in my case on occasion like a brick, back onto terra firma.

Each aircraft has its own individual feeling as you’d expect from two varying planes, but both are really a doddle to fly once you understand how to maintain airspeed and altitude, each of these being taught to you within the LAPL lessons.

These lessons introduce you to a cheery and helpful flight instructor who’s voice acting is very clear, soothing and not patronising in any way, even to flight sim veterans. Although there is a slight ‘Dad humour’ to him at times, it all adds to the current atmosphere of this sim.

Flight_School_Preview_landingAt it’s heart Flight School comes across as a very casual sim, one where you could just hop in and complete what is known and introduced to you as a “hamburger run”. A short hop from your home airfield to another, have a quick bite to eat, only to fly back again. For those of you who take their flight a little more seriously there are a multitude of missions with varying difficulty and scenarios for you to overcome, such as running low on fuel and having to find the nearest airfield to land at.

Anyone who owns and has experienced Microsoft’s Flight Sim X or any of its early versions will be familiar with this style of flying and hop in mission.

Flight_School_Preview_mapHome airfields can be set to anywhere in the world as long as there is some sort of airport or airfield in your local vicinity, and Flight School offers you the chance to view the surrounding areas as you take to the skies on your joy flights, lessons or mission attempts.

I for one will be eagerly anticipating the full release version of Flight School on the 24th May, and will be wanting to pre-order to gain access to the third aircraft, the sleek and beautiful Diamond DA42, and priced at £11.99 this simulator comes across as a solid choice and welcome addition to any aviation enthusiasts catalogue of flight simulators.

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