Construction Simulator 2015: Gold Edition Review (PC)

Construction Simulator 2015: Gold Edition





  • Realistic Vehicles
  • Captivating Gameplay
  • Steady Progression
  • Multiplayer


  • Dodgy physics
  • You don't actually
  • Special contracts not available in multiplayer

Construction Simulator Gold edition comes from publisher astragon Entertainment, the publishers that give us the “simulate anything” simulator games. They can be a bit hit and miss, and cover a wide variety of topics from Camping Manager to Bus and Cable car Simulator. The one thing that the two aforementioned games have in common, however, is that they do exactly what they say on the box. This is Construction Simulators downfall. At least in the early parts of the game it seems not so much to be a Construction Simulator, but a Buildings Material Delivery Driver simulator. I guess that name is a little long for a box cover though…

Anyone for a kickabout?

Anyone for a kickabout?

The full premise is that you are running a Construction company. You do have a foreman however, who kind of acts more like your boss and mentor, but you are in control of what contracts to accept, what vehicles to buy, and ultimately responsible for completing the work. You won’t be laying bricks or anything like that. To begin with the most you will do is some digging, other than delivering various building materials.

The fleet

The fleet

Later into the game you will start to unlock bigger contracts that will require a bigger range of vehicles for your company. To facilitate this you will also unlock new premises for purchase to house extra vehicles. At this point you will now start to have to do things such as rolling areas of construction site, pouring concrete and delivering materials onto the top levels of buildings under construction with a large crane. You will also be able to hire extra foremen in order to run more than one project at a time, and workmen that you can delegate tasks to.

Pretty sure you're not meant to park there

Pretty sure you’re not meant to park there

Construction Simulator 2015 can also be played online with up to 4 people. Doing so allows you to multitask and, theoretically, complete jobs quicker. However, you are more likely to have too much fun dicking about. You see it is nearly impossible to fail at Construction Simulator. You certainly can’t fail any of the tasks. You can reset any vehicle and even each task of any contract, so if something goes tits up it is easy enough to get out of a bad situation. Vehicle physics aren’t exactly realistic, so smashing into civilian vehicles isn’t a problem, you ghost through people and sign posts are either indestructible or just pop out and fly into the air when you hit them.

It took an absurd amount of effort to tip a civilian vehicle

It took an absurd amount of effort to tip a civilian vehicle

The driving in general feels ok, but is not “full simulation”. Pretty much on a par to that of any other casual, driving based simulator. The world isn’t huge, so you won’t ever be driving that far either. The control scheme works well across all the vehicles as they remain pretty much the same. Almost every vehicle has some part that moves up and down, in and out and shaken all about. Controlling the vehicles certainly gets more interesting when you start unlocking things like the cement hose and you have to think as much about where to park the vehicle as you do controlling its extending arm to reach the whole area that you need to cover in cement. Not to mention that it burns through cement quickly and has a limited storage capacity, so you may want your friend to back up a cement mixer and be ready to pour into the hoses loader to keep it topped up while you are using it. Pressing F1 in any vehicle will bring up the controls if you ever forget what you are meant to be doing.

Totally not a Radisson Hotel...

Totally not a Radisson Hotel…

There are a few special contracts that can pop up while you are playing. These help to progress a basic storyline and unlock new areas for you to develop in. However, if you are playing online with a friend helping you out these don’t show up, so I almost missed them entirely and was in an endless loop of completing the same kind of contracts. These will come in the form of extending the local (totally not a Radisson) Hotel, helping the Mayor build a tennis court for his wife and then on to developing the sewage system to enable construction in a whole new area of town.

Another successful contract

Another successful contract

At the end of the day I don’t really know what to tell you about Construction Simulator 2015. The Gold Edition comes with 4 extra pieces of DLC, and there has since been more DLC released for the game in the form of special contracts, one of which was in aid of charity. I was surprised with how much I enjoyed Construction Simulator. Not because it’s an accurate simulator, not because it looks amazing, not because the driving is realistic. Because Construction Simulator 2015 is none of those things. Yet somehow it kept me captivated. I’ve poured hours into Construction Simulator, and I’m off to pour a few more in because… well because I want to go build that football stadium. And then I’ll unlock some other awesome looking vehicle which will let me build some other awesome building. And then it’ll be 3am…

8 road violations en route to the construction site out of 10

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