Crossout Review (PS4)

Crossout (PS4)





  • Still a fun game
  • Accessable to more players across two platforms


  • Awkward to design and build vehicles
  • Server issues
  • Awkward controls

Kieran Sephton comes back to Crossout a year after reviewing it on the PC platform, this time on the PS4.

Gaijin have taken to bringing this game to a wider audience via the PS4 much like they did with their other hugely popular game War Thunder.

Nothing too much has changed over the PC version, just this PS4 version, at least to myself a long-term PC gamer, was found to be highly infuriating and somewhat awkward.

Again, from a personal point of view.

Crossout is a game based within a post apocalyptic world where society lives on the edges and where Mad Max-esque tribes live and fight in the biggest and baddest vehicles you can imagine.

I reviewed one of the pre-made vehicles which is, for all intents and purposes, a cobbled together tank. This pack includes the vehicle “Tramp” along with a few extra bits and pieces including cosmetic items, such as spray cans for Digital Desert styled camouflage, and 2650 in-game coins to spend to on upgrading and creating your own vehicle of war.

The same mechanics are in the PS4 version as found in the PC platform and launching into the game you once again find a prebuilt Willy Jeep styled vehicle fitted with mounted machine guns. Take this into battle, fire a few bullets at those who are trying to maul you just as much as you’re trying to maul them back. Complete a few objectives and unlock a few extra pieces.

Once this is out of the way and you’ve completed what could be treated as the tutorial section of the game you’re welcome to start having a go at creating your own vehicle of war.

Now, on the PC version of Crossout this isn’t too much of an issue. Select the pieces from the drop down menu you want and rotate the view so that you can snap these pieces together. This is where I found the annoyance and infuriation starting to come to light with the PS4 version.

I found this a little cumbersome. Snapping the pieces to where you wanted them was more difficult, as was rotating the view so that you could better see where the piece was going to snap. Moving the elevation of the view was downright mind melting to the point where I gave up and just used the prebuilt Tramp vehicle in the rest of my time spent in this game.

I found myself consistently comparing my time in the PS4 version of Crossout to that of its older brother found on the PC. I think this is where my biggest bugbear comes to fruition.

Is it that Crossout on the PS4 is bad? Or is it just that, compared to its PC counterpart, it’s just not as fluid?

I found that driving and gunning with the PS4 controller just wasn’t giving me the same level of accuracy that I found I was having with the trusted mouse and keyboard control scheme that many a PC gamer has come to love over time. My shots were mostly on target but when faced with a moment where it came down to “me or them” I found that it was mostly “them” that came out victorious. Maybe with more time spent driving and practicing gunnery I could get used to this control scheme. But even when test driving any vehicle that I had built before entering battle I found it increasingly more awkward to drive and gun down any potential foe that I was going to encounter.

It’s not to say that Crossout isn’t a good title for the PS4, because by all means this game is as good as its PC counterpart. When you can get a game to start with in the first place, that is.

Before being able to play the game I’d encountered many a time where the game would load, place me within the garage, allow me to search for a game and then… nothing. I’d be booted out of whatever lobby I was in. OK this is fine, maybe there were issues with servers at that particular time.

This is a nuance that you come to face with online games, it’s somewhat the run of the norm with online games. Not acceptable, but we know it happens from time to time. But for it to happen on many an encounter with this game, that’s not so great. It took me a good while before I could actually enter the hangar and get through the tutorial stages. However, since then I’ve not really had any issues other than not being able to adapt to the controls.

Crossout does have a lot of potential as a PS4 title just as much as it does as a PC title, but if I was going to play any of the two, it would certainly be the PC title over the PS4 for my own enjoyment and progression within Crossout.

There may be times where I will boot it up on the PS4, but for me, the PC version will be the one that gets played the most.

6 flat tires out of 10

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  1. Cornell Turner says:

    6 flat tires out of 10 sez you didn’t take the time to understand the UI or accept and realize that it an open beta test version. The reality is were (MMO gamers) finally being respected enough by the Crossout Developers to call it what it is BETA, give it to us FREE, and let us determine how good or bad it is. Unlike the BASTARDS at Bungie and the $150 + One FULL YEAR worth of BETA TESTING we PAID DEARLY for on the first release of Destiny. So you can SUCK IT on your 6 Flats – WTF kind of rating system is that ANYWAY. I haven’t enjoyed a FPS OR Driving game this much since MadMax.(Which coincidentally this would have made an ABSOLUTE PERFECT multiplayer online mode for) I would’ve been quite satisfied having paid $40-50 for this game. So damn your review…no game is perfect, and this one has some thing about the UI to get used to…but over all I give it 8 out of 10 ONLY because its beta and still a little ruff around the edges….but other that – I LOVE THIS GAME….

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