Desync Review (PC)

Desync (PC)





  • Great soundtrack
  • Visual style is pretty cool
  • The difficulty does make for an interesting experience


  • The difficulty curve makes for an incredibly infuriating experience
  • The visual style, albeit cool is also not cleanest when it comes to the UI
  • The game doesn't really explain how upgrades work and how you access them

How can you write a review on a game that frustrates you to no end?

Desync is just the game that I’ll be looking into for this particular matter.

It’s my first venture into a twitch shooter for a long time, and I’d forgotten just how much these games are a total pain in the ass. For that reason, and that reason alone, I am bad at Desync. I’ll openly admit to that, but did it stop me from having fun. Not in the slightest.

It’s a game that is designed to kill you. If you’re reactions are not quick enough, your aim true enough, or the frustration is preventing you from being able to concentrate, you are going to be killed. However, when you’re able to put it all together and remain cool, calm and collected then you’ll be deadly. Albeit for a short while.

This is the reason that I can really say that I’m all too enamoured by Desync.

It has a lot to offer with plenty of upgrades and rewards for a skill set which is far beyond my own comprehension. If someone is able to pull off the level of skill required to sit at the top of the leader-boards, then with these upgrades and combinations of moves required will make you fairly competitive at the higher spectrum of the leader-board. If however, like myself, you’re struggling to adapt to the difficulty level within Desync you’ll flounder around in the lower segments.

The trouble with Desync is that, from my own experience at least, there is no sign of a difficulty curve. The game just throws you into the middle of it all and yells “ADAPT” at you. And, as mentioned before, if you cannot react quick enough to it, you’re dead.

Its stages are found within several different arena style locations which are faintly Tron esque in a very loose resemblance. The synthwave style soundtrack is, in my opinion, one of the best elements found within Desync. Within these arenas you’ll fight a multitude of polygonal enemies in waves and kill them using a variety of movements and the weapon you’re using. A combination of a dash forward, a jump or 180 spin before firing off the coup de grâce. The better the combination the higher your points received will be.

Surviving these waves of enemies is also based on the short, sharp movements required to achieve the highest points possible as you’ll soon find yourself overwhelmed with the various enemies that Desync has to offer. Using these movements you can either place yourself on the offensive to deal with the enemies encountered or get as much distance between yourself and them and the projectiles or melee attacks you’ll face in very much a game of “us or them”.

However, the graphical style of Desync makes it difficult to maneuver around the arenas especially if playing on the defensive. Finding yourself getting caught on various ledges and walls, or even setting off your own traps is a real problem. I often found that the ‘tracking VCR’ effect was off putting and made it difficult to read what was on-screen, and overall just detracted from what was on show with Desync. Not only was the tracking VCR like effect distracting and a nuisance when trying to read the in-game text, but simple aspects of the game like your health and ammunition levels required levels of concentration that prevented you from concentrating on the action currently taking place. With that in mind, being able to switch between weapons and carefully monitor the levels of ammo in store for each weapon made it problematic when trying to decide on the best way to kill an enemy.

Overall the time I spent in Desync was a mixture of sheer frustration from my own poor skill, the sheer annoyance of having to over think weapon and ammunition management with the odd occasion of enjoyment when my skill set had improved enough.

Desync has a good starting base as a twitch shooter but it just doesn’t feel great.

6 “too slow, you’re dead”‘s out of 10

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