Knights of Pen and Paper 2 Review (iOS)

Knights of Pen and Paper 2



  • Perfectly portable RPG
  • Nostalgic music creates magical atmosphere
  • Amusing narrative keeps things from getting too serious and stale


  • You will miss your children growing up

kopp21I have always wanted to sit in on a proper Dungeons and Dragons game, starting with a blank character sheet and taking my alter ego on an long and epic adventure. The trailer for a recent Lootcrate depicted a similar scenario with a young boy nervously joining a group of other young adventurers and who, by the end of the trailer, had grown up and invited his young daughter to play. I have never had the opportunity to join a group of like minded adventurers to take on goblins and dragons and gain epic loot, so what’s the next best thing? Why, it be a faithful group of adventurers I can take anywhere in my pocket!

kopp26Knights of Pen and Paper 2 takes advantage of the pixel-style art and retro music to hurl you into a fantasy world where you can be as epic as you want to be. You start in the Game Room sitting opposite the Dungeon Master who prompts you to get ready to set off on your adventure by picking your first two characters. Your available classes are Cleric, Paladin, Warrior, Ninja, Mage, Thief and Hunter. Each one of course brings it’s own strengths and weaknesses. Next, you get to pick your race from Human, Elf and Dwarf as well as deciding what type of character you will be from a choice of Jock, Cheerleader, Surfer, Rich Kid, Rocker, Goth, Lab Rat and Hipster. The Dwarf Cheerleader was too good to pass up.

I sat down on Saturday afternoon intending for a quick play to see what Knights of Pen and Paper 2 could do for me. I found that it could pour time into a black hole, and kill my phone battery. Let me stress this game is not a resource hog on your phone, it was simply a case of me playing with the sound on for hours on end. I now carry my usb charger to work to cope with my addiction commute playtime.

kopp23You start in Spawn Point Village and are sent all over the world of Paperos on various quests throughout your adventure. Each area on the map will tell you what level it’s suitable for and your percentage complete. There are many side quests that you can use to gather extra gold, XP and loot. The world really is all yours to explore at your own leisure.

kopp25Combat is of course turn based and incredibly easy to understand so you will quickly find yourself throwing your party at the next angry mob of gnomes in no time. Naturally gaining XP and levelling up allows you to enhance your party member’s abilities and as you gain more gold you can fill up your party to the maximum of 5 players.

Thankfully there are three save slots which allow you to try out different combinations of classes together to find what works for you. Or if you’d rather not start all over, simply pop into a Tavern and swap out characters there. You will be able to craft items which allow you into certain areas or to boost your party members even further. The Game Room is also customisable should you desire to change your game table, upgrade your arcade machine, or even lay down a rug. It might sound a bit pointless but, for example, adding a TV Set increases your consumable effectiveness by 25%, or opting for a black leather sofa gives +2 damage reduction. So if you’re at a loss for what to spend your gold on, do it here as this will help all characters in all save slots.

It doesn’t matter if you have never played the original Knights of Pen and Paper, or never even played a game of this genre before, Knights of Pen and Paper 2 is a very friendly game. The tutorial teaches you the basics and you have the freedom to explore the rest of the game as and when you feel ready to. I strongly encourage everyone, no matter what their gaming background, to make this a staple in your gaming catalogue.

kopp24Let me tell you now there were only two games on my phone that I play on a daily basis and now they have had their playtime cut dramatically to ensure I get my fix for Knights of Pen and Paper 2. If you are struggling for space on your phone then delete your email app, you won’t have time to respond to emails any more anyway. This gem has truly won a place in my heart.

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