Maize Review (PC)






  • Excellent writing
  • Puzzles are well laid out
  • Voice acting is superb


  • Needs polished
  • Optimization problems even on powerful rigs

I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I first started up Maize. It had all the hallmarks of a zero effort asset flip. I expected an ambush of cheap jump-scares and lazy writing. Instead, I found what might well be one of the funniest and well written adventure games I’ve played this decade. The environment, props and collectible items help detail what conspired on the farm that you’re investigating. The voice acting is excellent and always hilarious. The characters are chock full of personality and the game managed to maintain an excellent sense of pace throughout.

But if you are looking for a challenging adventure game, then Maize won’t be for you. The story is entertaining enough and the post-it note arguments between Tom and Bob will have you weak at the knees. But the puzzles themselves leave a lot to be desired. Maize does manage to break up the monotony of picking up items and exploring new places well. But the game is rather short, somewhere between 2 and 4 hours depending on how well you do. It does however have an excellent, yet bizarre, ending.

There’s not a huge amount you can say about Maize without spoiling the experience. The few twists it has are well written. The ending songs are both genuine earworms and are skillfully set up if you’ve been keeping an eye out. The humour and banter between the characters is executed in a way that never strays from the campy golden age adventure game tone. If you’re looking for something short and fun to play through at the weekend then Maize is exactly what you’re looking for.

The only issue I’ve experienced with Maize is the terrible optimization it has. Even on a reasonably powerful PC, I was experiencing a low frame-rate and some jagged edges. The game ran the same on a decade old laptop. Hopefully this is something that the developers can change in an update, as it’s the only gripe I had over my time with It. The price is a little higher than I’d expect to pay for something of this length. But I’d definitely feel I’d gotten value for my purchase If I had bought this for myself.

8 rustled corn stalks out of 10

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