Rampage Knights Review (PC)

Rampage Knights





  • Randomly generated Dungeons/loot
  • Unlockables give feeling of progress
  • Fast paced combat
  • Online/local coop
  • Comedy Moments


  • Friendly Fire can cause problems
  • Not really anything new

The rogue-like genre is one I have a love-hate relationship with. I love playing the games but they frustrate me no end. Spending 20 minutes on what feels like a really good run then having it all end because I moved one pixel too far and fell off a platform can be annoying to some and I understand if it causes you immense amounts of anger. It usually makes me wanna throw my PC out the window, screaming and cursing the Gods of Random Number Generators. Having said that if the gameplay is fun then I usually find myself coming back to it over and over again. Perhaps I should look into some sort of Roguelike-aholics Anonymous…

My name is Iain. And I’m a Roguelike-aholic…

rampage_knights3So, story right? Every good game has story… This one centres around two heroes who are heading home from a day of crashing, bashing and looting when they get lost in a forest and decide to stop off for a wee snooze. While they sleep all their loot is stolen…. Right from under their noses. Some heroes they are, right? Well this, understandably enough, leaves our friends feeling a touch perturbed and so they vow to get revenge. And to steal back all their hard-earned loots too of course. And off we go into the game.

The customisation options for your hero are rather fun. Igor’s Travelling Surgery, brought to you by Igor and his lovely assistant Igorette, is where you pick your head. Everything from anime girl to executioner is available with even more becoming unlocked as you play through the game. There’s also a box of hats to look through. And that’s before you manage to unlock the extra classes in the game. There’s a pirate, a barbarian, an assassin and many more besides. All of which are unlocked by completing the steam achievements during the normal course of stomping, slashing and generally reveng-ing your way through the levels. Is that even a word? Well it is now.. So there…

rampage_knights_01The levels themselves are arranged into distinct chapters with around 5-8 rooms in each. They go from the Forbidden Forest, through the Courtyard, into the Dark Castle and beyond. Each room is randomly generated. Everything from the layout of the room itself to the enemies you will meet while moving through it to the loot you pick up from any chests that happen to be hiding around. This makes for great re-playability, but I felt that everyone’s best friend the Random Number Generator can sometimes spit out a few crappy combinations. To give you an example. I was once killed in the second room in the first chapter because I hadn’t had any loot yet to upgrade my hero with and I was up against 2 huge ogres. Had I been better at the game at this point I may have fared a little better but the loots for these 2 huge enemies was about 10 gold pieces… it felt like a bit of a let down when I finally managed to take one out. Bigger monsters should really mean better loots right?

The combat feels nice and solid. Slashing and stabbing my way through the levels is satisfying enough that I keep coming back. Incidentally I’d like to point out that you can’t play in easy mode (which resets you to the start of a chapter once all your lives are gone rather than to the start of the game) until you have died 3 times on Normal difficulty. It forces you to try playing the game how the developers intended it to be played. I like this idea as I’ve always been a Normal Difficulty kind of player but I have to admit that I had to play on Easy mode in order to feel like I’d experienced enough of the game to write this review. Guess I may get better with practice but we’ll see how that one plays out…

rampage_knights_02During the course of your adventures you will come across various different items/potions that give you buffs/de buffs. Some of them are there for the entire run, some wear off after you’ve moved through a predetermined number of rooms. There are potions that will remove all of them at once but they are rare. To give you an idea of some of them there’s Ass disease, Midas’ curse, Beggars Curse, Divine Shield and a myriad of others including my favourite Monty Python reference in a game ever, Mighty Foot… I’ll leave what each of them does up to your imagination for now but suffice to say that they are numerous and varied enough that I don’t think I’ve seen nearly all of them after 4 hours of gameplay.

One thing I really like is the ability for online or local coop. I reckon this could be a great couch coop game. Rake in Grass were kind enough to furnish us with 2 copies of the game so that we could try playing it with a friend. It was a lot of fun, although personally I am not a fan of friendly fire, mostly because I have never been that precise with my attacks… this tends to lead to many, many shouts of “Oh FFS! You killed me that time!” This is merely a personal choice but it definitely made the coop sessions less fun for me. The ability of the surviving hero to raise you from the dead by killing 12 enemies while you float around as a useless ghost was a nice touch but we didn’t manage it once… again mostly due to our own ineptitude rather than anything else.

rampage_knights_03All in all Rampage Knights is a very enjoyable experience, just not one that really grabbed me in any special way. This is not to say that it’s a bad game. It ticks all the right boxes for a great rogue-like but it doesn’t really bring anything new to the table. I’ll probably still be playing it months from now as my addiction kicks back in again but for the moment I think I’ll leave it be…

Well, maybe one more go….

6 Rampaging Knights on a vengeance mission out of 10

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