The Sims 4: Cats & Dogs Expansion (PC)

The Sims 4: Cats & Dogs





  • Highly detailed pet creation tools
  • New moods and traits for pet interactions
  • Who doesn't love cute pets?
  • Vet business option


  • Overpriced

Over the past couple of decades, The Sims has been getting more and more realistic in representing people’s lives. When my children play, 9 times out of 10 they recreate our own family in the game. Yet, there was always something missing from our real life. Our pets. The Sims 4: Cats & Dogs expansion fixes this.

Cats & Dogs adds exactly what you would assume; the option to bring furry companions into your households. EA have streamlined the variety of species available since the Unleashed expansion for the original Sims. Back then you had the options of not just Cats & Dogs, but Birds, Fish and Reptiles too. The flip side is that EA have been able to focus on giving a polished experience with the Cats & Dogs expansion.

The Sim creation tools in The Sims 4 are incredibly detailed. And those tools are at your full disposal when creating your Cats & Dogs. Not only are you able to design the look of your pet, but for the first time you can also select their personalities and traits. And yes, you can even dress them up!

Everyone knows (or is) a crazy cat lady. And with over 80 different breads of cats alone (before you start playing with the cross breeding), then it will be very easy to create your own crazy cat household. The addition of Sim personalities for Cat and Dog lovers aids with this too. These Sims will have more aspirations to interact with their pets, and more moodlets for when they do.

As your pets age, you will find that the occasional trip to the vet will be a necessity. The Cats & Dogs expansion also adds the option of owning your own veterinary clinic. You will need the capital to invest in setting up your own premises, at least 20,000 Simoleons. This will be hard to do if you also have a menagerie at home, as pets are expensive and time-consuming to deal with. Once you have a clinic set up you can either work there with your sims, or hire other sims as Vets. You can transfer Simoleons back and forth between you home and business accounts. So owning your own business can serve as a replacement career.

With each iteration of the Sims, the pets expansions have always been a favourite of mine. They always feel as if they have the most to offer in terms of adding more life to your households. But with the hefty price tag of £34.99, the Cats & Dogs expansion for The Sims 4 does not represent good value for money. That said, if you can get the expansion on a sale, there is a lot of fun to be had with the content.

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