Star Wars Rebels Pinball Review (PSN)

Star Wars Rebels Pinball





  • Deceptively Capturing,
  • Good Time Filler


  • Irritating Voice Acting,
  • Slow to get going

Star wars rebels is Zen Pinballs’ latest table. Based on the TV show of the same name; Rebels sees you join the crew of the Ghost Starship as you rise against the Empire and attempt to spark a rebellion. Before continuing this review it is necessary to state the following . I have never heard of, let alone seen, Star Wars Rebels. Therefore I cannot judge its faithfulness to the show. What I will do is judge it on its validity as a pinball table and Star Wars as I know it.As soon as the table loads, I know this is going to be a tough review, I’m conflicted. The retro Star Wars palette of greys, blacks and browns coupled with stormtroopers and rebel logos really set me in the universe. But then this is combined with very modern anime-esque character artwork, which creates a not unpleasant but confusing overall setting.

ss_c08ea454bba228308c00ed2d69f81afbcf8c4c61.600x338The table itself is designed decent with plenty to see, do and explore. It is however, a slow burner. I like to play and learn as I go with pinball games; unlocking secrets, discovering hidden sections and feeling like I’m working toward something. Rebels takes a fair bit of time to dig these out, which is good and bad. Good as it gives the game depth and replay-ability but bad as it can feel a bit samey for a while until you figure it out. When the game does gets going , it actually becomes fun and exciting.The mini-games (when you get there) are fun and challenging, and make you really feel immersed in Star Wars universe. These are somewhat marred by the irritable characters of the game; the atypical cast of straight-laced, smart-ass, tough guy and token chick are unoriginal and unimaginative.

ss_913b51a0571d859b0e383d6d874ac50e4740b82b.600x338Music and Sounds effects are integral to pinball; hearing the whoosh of a Lightsaber or the sound of a blaster over the original title theme really raise the bar from pinball to Star Wars pinball. Unfortunately the uninspired anecdotes and quips from the characters coupled with a cheap Yoda quote added slapdash (repeated a lot due to the slow burn) really made muting seem like a good idea. Although I’m complaining because they have modernised something I fondly remember, they have done a good job of mingling the two. This is a not always an easy thing to accomplish, but it has the potential to draw in fans of old and new by pleasing certain factions with certain aspects.

Characters aside, Star Wars Rebels Pinball is a solid, fun table which has decent replay-ability and challenge for all levels and fans (although the slow start and low reward may put off casual gamers). It can become irksome and a little repetitive until you figure out all of the not so intuitive mini-games.

7 Balls out of 10

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