Train Sim World: Founders Edition Review (Xbox One)

Train Sim World: Founders Edition





  • Full realistic simulation
  • Highly detailed locomotives and route
  • Abundance of services to run


  • Minor performance issues

We previously spoke with Dovetail Games about their transition to the Unreal Engine. One of the key decisions for them was to ability to support console releases for their games. Now, that vision has become more of a reality with the release of Train Sim World: Founders Edition on Xbox One.

Train Sim World: Founders Edition launches with the Great Western Express content. This content acted as DLC to the Train Sim World: CSX Heavy Haul that launched on PC last year. I do find this decision strange. Dovetail Games might have seen greater demand for the UK content for the Xbox One market.

One relief is that Train Sim World is not plagued with performance issues on Xbox One. Unlike its PC counterpart was at release. Dovetail Games have made a big effort on optimisation for the console version. There were still some banding issues, but they have released a patch to resolve this.

But, “what is Train Sim World: Founders Edition?” I hear you ask. Dovetail Games have a long history with the Train Simulation franchise. The old Train Simulator games were a lot like playing with a Hornby train set. Train Sim World is more of an actual simulation of being a train driver.

It’s played from the first person perspective. You can walk around, climb aboard the trains and explore as much as you like. One of the first scenarios in the game even has you board a train as a passenger to get to the train you need to then drive. The game teaches you all you need to know to control the three engines that it includes.

The models for the BR Class 43 HST, BR Class 166 and BR Class 66 all have great detail. These are the staple of the locomotives that travel the Great Western Main Line. Train Sim World: Founders Edition features the GWML from Reading to London Paddington. Three trains and one route may not sound like a lot, but that’s 35 miles of railway to cover.

Train Sim World: Founders Edition has a few set scenarios to play through. After trying the tutorials for each train, you can jump in to these for more guidance. Beyond that is the Services mode. This mode is a full recreation of a days schedule on the Great Western Main Line. It allows you to hop on and off any service and take control of trains as you please. And on any average day there are over 300 services running. That’s not only a stat from the game. Look it up on the Train Line too! Either way, that’s an abundance of trains to play with!

That said, Train Sim World: Founders Edition is not entirely without fault. There were still some frame-rate issues. But not as many as in the PC version at launch. There are still some issue with the Services mode too. A way to quick jump around the map would have been useful. As would a way to skip time. The Change Scenario and Change Route options in menu do nothing. So while there is a lot of content to explore, you can easily find yourself walking around a yard full of trains that aren’t going anywhere in the next hour!

7.5 minutes ahead of schedule out of 10

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