The Limited Adventures of a New Mum in Azeroth – Two Mounts, One Roll

Eye_of_Eternity_mountWell last week turned out to be rather profitable in terms of time vs loot. I didn’t get around all my usual places, but where I did go was worth the journey. Flying off to the Eye of Eternity first where this week Malygos finally decided he’s seen enough of me and gave me the Reins of the Blue Drake meaning I never need to set foot in there again, phew.

With Eye of Eternity and Tempest Keep now off my weekly rounds I can perhaps spend that time doing some Argent Tournament dailies to stock up on Champion’s Seals. I think I still have about six or seven mounts to get from the Argent Tournament.  The dailies are by no means difficult, just time consuming. I certainly don’t do them daily, but by golly if I could I’d have those mounts in no time. Ideally I would run those dailies on a few alts and get a mount on each one which would really speed things up but I just don’t have that kind of time, and quite frankly I think I’d get more annoyed at doing the same round of quests multiple times a day. Slowly slowly catchy monkey.

Eresin_LKI danced off to Icecrown Citadel to pay Mr L.K. a visit, but alas he had no gifts for me and once again Precious didn’t feel like parting with her Ribbon. The bitch did however decide to give it to my hubby when he waltzed in a day or two later. Damn.

I flitted off to Ulduar, but this time on 10 man in order to pick up some transmog. I managed to get the Observer’s Mantle, but that was it. I can see this is going to take longer than I initially hoped.

Ultraxion and Deathwing also decided no mount for me this week, but DW must have felt sorry for me and opted to hand me The Shattering music roll.

That was about it from Eresin. Since she has no more to do on the Legendary quest line I tend to just leave her in favour of catching up on other characters.

Turnipp_WarraI don’t know what on earth happened but I logged into my Warlock (pictured right with his new girlfriend Warra). Let me tell you now, I hate this warlock, but I refuse to delete him. Turnipp and I have never had a good relationship. I’m sure most people who play WoW have a class or two that they feel they just don’t gel with. Well Warlock is mine (and Rogue, and Monk and Death Knight, but that’s another story). It would never matter what spec I chose, I just could never get into a good rotational flow. Upon logging in I noticed he had 3 full stacks of cloth. Being my only tailor I felt it was a bit of a waste sitting there doing nothing, so I decided to get him out to Draenor and at least get him a Garrison and the tailoring building to go with it, that way I could start working on making the Creeping Carpet mount. Off to Icy-Veins I went and quickly respecced Demonology. I can’t tell you how many times I have chopped and changed spec with this guy, I’m just glad it doesn’t cost RL money! I spent maybe two minutes pratting about at the target dummies and said “Sod this, I’m off to Draenor!”

PanacheI felt kind of guilty leaving my Mage, Panache (pictures left) at level 99 and not touching her at all last week so I flew her back out to Nagrand and was farting about at the Ring of Trials when an Alliance Hunter past me being chased by Luk’hok. I didn’t really think much of it but I was wondering why he was kiting through this quest hub. Thankfully Rarity brought to my attention that Luk’hok would drop the Mottled Meadowstomper when killed, so I followed on behind casting my crappy frostbolts and hoping the Hunter wouldn’t turn on me instead (yay for PvP servers!). A few others joined in along the way and before too long the Mottled Meadowstomper was mine.

Voila, two mounts, one roll.

Still didn’t get that Mage to level 100, she is stupidly close though. However server reset on Wednesday means she’s no longer at the top of the list again.

Can I just say one thing about Bodyguard followers?  Great idea, however I decided to rescue Tormmok and thought he was pretty cool guy you know, I felt sorry for him, decided to choose him as my follower. It must look pretty intimidating when we are running towards someone, but the view I get, not so great.


Patch 6.2 is now available on the PTR and you can find current patch notes here. Quick overview:

  • The Invasion of Tanaan Jungle, a new zone for us to play with. whee!
  • A rather interesting addition to the Garrison with the Shipyard where it looks like we will be building boats and sending them out on missions.
  • Mythic versions of our current five man dungeons.
  • We will be able to finish the quest line for our Legendary Ring.
  • Of course we’ll have a new raid in Hellfire Citadel.

There are loads of other things being added and some classed changes (Goodbye Aspect of the Fox!) so go read those notes and keep in mind it is early days 6.2 PTR, nothing is final so don’t go tossing your hissy fits just yet. Though I admit I did roll my eyes when I saw Demonology had 25% less damage in about six abilities, typical (though probably justified).

Well that’s me for another week. Feel like I did quite well and had more time than usual to play. Having said that J has been rather grumpy the past few days so already missed out on a couple of days play time. My own fault as I gave him the cold, I know I get grumpy when I’m unwell, so I can’t imagine what it must be like for him as he’s never had this happen before. Y’all want a bit of cuteness, here is the level 1 Hordie I made:


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